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28 January 2011

Finally A Conflict GT Bat Rep

Round 1 vs John B. - Redshirt from GW 8th Street NYC.
3 Objectives
Chaos Space Marines

Daemon Prince

Chosen x 8
Melta x 2
Melta Bomb

3x Zerkers x 8

3 x Land Raider

John gets 1st turn.
Fires and takes 1 lance off a Ravager
I fire and do absolutely nothing at all.

Turn 2
His chosen outflank on my left side of the board close to one of the objectives. Putting them right in the path of my Venom and Duke/Trueborn inside of it.
He uses his Land Raiders to shoot down a Ravager and wreck one of the Wyches raiders. The resulting explosion kills 3 ladies inside.

I wreck a Land Raider with a lucky Raider shot.
I shoot down a few Chosen and charge the rest. Duke "Rends" down 3 and the Trueborn kill another. He passes and we dance.

Turn 3
He takes down a Warrior Raider killing 3 inside. They run away.
Duke finishes off the Chosen, gaining his unit a Pain Token.

I shoot down 3 Zerkers that had disembarked the wrecked Land Raider. Wreck a 2nd Land Raider and kill 2 of its occupants after they get out.
After having sustained a wound from landing in dangerous terrain on turn 2 I shoot it down with the Trueborn, gaining them a 2nd Pain Token.

Turn 4
His turn doesn't amount to much other than him trying to grab objectives.
My hellions grab the objective in my deployment zone. I take down the last Land Raider and dual charge the Zerkers inside, with a unit of Wychs and Duke's unit.
Duke "Rends 3" and the Trueborn take down a 4th. The Wychs finish the rest of the squad.

We each have 1 objective at this point and all I have to do is attempt to knock him off his and its game over.

Turn 5
He basically passes the turn to me.
And this is where I get too aggressive. Instead of shooting him off the objective I attempt to charge in with Warriors in order to contest it. And I get smacked up big time. Loss the combat and run away. He doesn't catch me but now I am running (below 50%), I need the game to continue to have a chance. I roll a 1, game over. Draw.

We tally it up 12-11 in my favor.

Photos will be added later.

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