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05 January 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

Well not really, just more pictures. This time of the beautiful new Raider kit. Its almost finished. Just need to add on all the blades and bitz.

I kept as much unglued as I could to ensure even priming and to make it easier to eventually paint. This will also help game wise for making it a wreck.

Here is my crew-Wych. I'm figuring that with all the advanced technology of the 41st Millennium that only one person would be needed to steer and fire the ships weapon.

You can see here that there is a little bit of gap(circled in red), but that will be filled in with Green Stuff or sprue bits. The top is of course the female crewmen and the legs and arms are from the helmsmen figure. I've used a head from the Wych kit. You'll see in upcoming photos more kit bash like this as I am intending to make the entire army female with the masked heads. Since only 4 come in the Wych kits and 4 in the Reaver kits, this is going to be a long and costly upgrade. But in the end its all about flair. If anybody out there in TV land has any spare helmeted Wych heads (either reaver or wych) for trade, sale, or donation don't hesitate to hit me up, here or one of the many forums I frequent. (Tordeck on all of them)

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