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28 January 2011

Finally A Conflict GT Bat Rep

Round 1 vs John B. - Redshirt from GW 8th Street NYC.
3 Objectives
Chaos Space Marines

Daemon Prince

Chosen x 8
Melta x 2
Melta Bomb

3x Zerkers x 8

3 x Land Raider

John gets 1st turn.
Fires and takes 1 lance off a Ravager
I fire and do absolutely nothing at all.

Turn 2
His chosen outflank on my left side of the board close to one of the objectives. Putting them right in the path of my Venom and Duke/Trueborn inside of it.
He uses his Land Raiders to shoot down a Ravager and wreck one of the Wyches raiders. The resulting explosion kills 3 ladies inside.

I wreck a Land Raider with a lucky Raider shot.
I shoot down a few Chosen and charge the rest. Duke "Rends" down 3 and the Trueborn kill another. He passes and we dance.

Turn 3
He takes down a Warrior Raider killing 3 inside. They run away.
Duke finishes off the Chosen, gaining his unit a Pain Token.

I shoot down 3 Zerkers that had disembarked the wrecked Land Raider. Wreck a 2nd Land Raider and kill 2 of its occupants after they get out.
After having sustained a wound from landing in dangerous terrain on turn 2 I shoot it down with the Trueborn, gaining them a 2nd Pain Token.

Turn 4
His turn doesn't amount to much other than him trying to grab objectives.
My hellions grab the objective in my deployment zone. I take down the last Land Raider and dual charge the Zerkers inside, with a unit of Wychs and Duke's unit.
Duke "Rends 3" and the Trueborn take down a 4th. The Wychs finish the rest of the squad.

We each have 1 objective at this point and all I have to do is attempt to knock him off his and its game over.

Turn 5
He basically passes the turn to me.
And this is where I get too aggressive. Instead of shooting him off the objective I attempt to charge in with Warriors in order to contest it. And I get smacked up big time. Loss the combat and run away. He doesn't catch me but now I am running (below 50%), I need the game to continue to have a chance. I roll a 1, game over. Draw.

We tally it up 12-11 in my favor.

Photos will be added later.

24 January 2011

Conflcit Bat Reps ... Delayed

I was planning on writing up and going over the photos of my Conflict Bat Reps this weekend, but I've been sick and haven't gotten around to it. So hopefully today I will complete them so that I can start posting them up on Tuesday or Wednesday after work.

20 January 2011

Conflict - And the Winner is

The following pics are of Joe J. 's Salamander army. Joe won Best Painted this year.

I unfortunately did not get any photos of Dan O.'S Imperial Guard that won Player's Choice. But you can sneak a peek at his blog Ten Inch Template

19 January 2011

Conflict Coverage pt2

First up today is a Tervigon conversion done by Jay W. of Da Boyz.

Thanks to the a bit of lite reading on other blogs I was able to find out that these was done by Lou B. as part of his "Wraithwall"

Another unfortunate casualty of name loss is this finely done Bloodcrusher ala Ghost Rider.

Last but by no means least for today is Ed M. of Battle for Salvation and his Salamanders.

18 January 2011

Conflict GT Coverage

Today I'm posting up some of the wonderfully done armies and models that attended this year's Conflict. I've listed the names and clubs for those I know. To those that I dont have your name and club I apologize, I did this a bit hastily. If you see this and want me to edit in anything please dont hesitate to ask.

First up is Battle for Salvation's Matt M. AKA Black Matt and his CSM counts as Space Wolves. As an avid Chaos fan this army really stands out to me. I really love the Eyes and detail work on his rhinos. Hopefully next time he comes to battle at Toy Wiz Vets night I'll be able to get some closer up stuff.

Switching systems for a second I found this really well done Lizardmen army over on the WHFB side of things. Its Brian M.'s Poison Dart Frogs

Back to 40k I've got a few pictures of another Battle for Salvation member Chris D AKA Jawaballs and his Blood Angels.

Lastly for today is George T. of the Warmongers of NY. I played him in round 4 and he had some of the coolest Daemon Princes I've seen.

17 January 2011

Conflict GT

It was a long and tiring process for all of us from Ordo Malleus that helped to set up for Conflict this year. Here are some pics of the fruit of our labors.

First up some before pics.

Heres what it looks like with a 100 wargamers doing their thing.

And Toy Wiz representing with a bit of new Skaven product for sale.

Full Display of a Display Board pt3

So its been a busy couple days. I will be spending some time this week to sort out the pics and write up the bat reps for this past weekend's Conflict GT. Until I get it all settled I will be posting some pics of my favorite armies and models. But real quick before I do that I want to show you all how my display board came out in the end.

@ Sgt Brisbane - The board is made of a piece of 3/8 - 1/2 inch plywood. The hill and craters are 1/4 - 3/8 inch pink insulation foam. I used a lighter to melt out the craters. Then sealed it with 2-3 coats of a 50/50 vodka/pva glue mix. It was then painted brown and drybushed with a lighter brown. It is flocked with Games Workshop Sand and Games Workshop Static Grass/Green Flock.