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04 January 2011

Lelith in the Flesh, well Pewter really

So before I get into my work I wanted to show you the model that I intend to use for Lelith in all local events that dont require 100% Games Workshop products. Its a Pirate Queen Skarre model from the Privateer Press WARMACHINE Cryx line.

You may have noticed that she is primed not in white or black but in gray. That is because I realized that if (and hopefully when) I start painting that I dont want to dark a base coat. On the other hand I've had issues with the white primer from Games Workshop. Then recently I was repainting my back porch and came across this little gem at my local Home Depot. It works really well and gives a nice even coat. The only drawback is that you need to give a few days for it to dry fully or the next layer you put on will crack.

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