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11 January 2011

Full Display of a Display Board

With Conflict only 4 days away I needed to get a display board done for the army I'm bringing. Its still in the primed stage as I have to get into the club Wednesday or Thursday to get paint for it. Once its painted I'll be adding sand, flock, and static grass to match the bases from the army.
I used a lighter to melt down the centers of these craters.

 And to "soften" the edges of the cliff.

I was going to add a few more pics of the army on display but it seems I can't get Blogger to upload currently. As soon as it is working properly again I will get those photos up here for your enjoyment.

1 comment:

  1. Bro, I love that board! How'd you put that together? What is that material? Nice work, man!

    Lemme know how the Conflict goes, or put up some pics, since I'll miss it completely this year :(

    Besides, Jeff's DC list is going to be scary!