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08 January 2011

How I Spent My Day

Well it was a snowy Saturday and I really didn't feel like going out side to shovel so instead I decided to set up my new work area. Recently I got a dining room table from my mother and it just didn't work in my kitchen so I figured what the hell, might as well use it for gaming.

My projects I need to work on. My Skaven have taken a back seat for now to the Dark Eldar but they are still on the horizon. I have two Island of Blood sets worth plus a couple blisters and a siege tower conversion that all need to get done.

I got a nice little paint station all set(My wife will probably get more use of it than I will. I'll post up some pics of her Wood Elves tomorrow.)

I collected all the Games Workshop paints(both current and discontinued) one by one. I used to have them in a transport case but needed it for my Skaven and started using this. Its now on the wall behind my "desk". I have all but 2 of the GW paints (just missing the discontinued Midnight Blue and Terracotta)

A few of you may have already seen this but I figured that I'd post it for those new viewers out there. Its my bitz box. I used an Army Transport and some jewelry bead sorting trays as the basis. As you can see I also used a 1" pluck foam tray to build a stable transportation system for all my tools. Because the jewelry cases are smaller than the inside of the case I used a bit of a 2" pluck foam as a spacer. It's also useful for carrying my current project or display piece.

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