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30 September 2011

GT Time Again

The Battle for Salvation GT is right around the corner I realized the other day that the display board I used for Conflict would be too small. It barely fit the 1750 list I was running then. It will never fit the 2k that I am bring next weekend. So I gathered up some supplies and got to building. (Gunna use it for the Team Event though)

This time I'll admit I cheated a bit and used the GW craters from the Battle for Macragge set instead of making my own, but I was short on time so I rolled with what I had handy.

I started off by gluing down the craters and priming the board black. I used Glidden Interior Latex Flat Spiced Gingerbread as the base coat. (its what the club had lying around) but that was too orange in color for me. So I gave it a coat of the old GW ink - Flesh Wash.

This gave it a nice brown look but I wanted to get it a bit darker in the crevices so I went over it again with GW wash - Devlan Mud.

I then did a dry brush of Valspar Satin Tawney (left over from when we painted my daughter's room) on the craters.

I used 4 mediums for the terrain effects. GW Sand(coarse), GW Sand(fine) [not sure if they actually advertise as such but I had two tubs of the stuff and they were vastly different in consistency], GW Modeling Flock (this may be an OOP item) and GW Static Grass.

Then with a little help from the wife I signed the board (her hand writing is better than mine and I didnt want it to look like crap)

Once I figure out my final lists (oh god they are due Wednesday!!!!) I'll post up some pics of the army on the display boards.

Look for my completed old looking Talos using the new range in the coming weeks. As well as batreps and army pics from the BFS GT.

Oh an you may have noticed I changed up the layout a bit. Hit me up with some feed back on what you like and what you dont about it.

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16 September 2011

Conversion Complete

Wow, its been awhile since I posted.

Life has been busy of late due to work and preparing for my daughter to be born. Couple that with not being in a financial situation to buy new product I have not done much (or really anything) hobby related other than helping found The Dark City - the internet's first and only Dark Eldar specific forum.

Well now that conversion is compleat. Kailei Alexandra was born on 9/11/11 @ 2103. Weighing in at 7lbs 14ozs and 20.5" long.

So hopefully with all those sleepless nights that are forthcoming I might be able to get some Warhammer done.

I recently trades away my entire Skaven army (~10k) for some old range Dark Eldar (~5k). Call me crazy but I have a soft spot in my heart for those old hideous models. And I know the other guy got the better end of the trade but i am happy with what I got and being able to finally field my own army and stop borrowing my buddy's will be a great feeling.

I'm bringing his DE to the Battle for Salvation GT in October, but I hope to have my DE ready for The Conflict GT which should be around mid January.

Also with this reboot I intend to keep focused and update at least once a week. I think my previous attempt failed because I tried to do too much too soon. I thought I could update on a daily basis and my blogging betters have shown me that is not how to run a blog and keep from getting burned out too quickly.

Next week, Flames of War Progess and New (old) Dark Eldar models getting some paint.