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03 January 2011

Pictures as Promised

Ok well not exactly the pictures I promised. I decided to first post up the pics of the Venom I converted for my buddies army that I am running at The Conflict GT in a couple weeks I used an old Raider and a couple old Reavers for the conversion.

As a sidenote I am not the best at getting pics to come out well, if anyone has a suggestion please help. I have a  - Cannon PowerShot SD900 10.0 Mega Pixels 3 x zoom.


  1. For better pictures:
    -Use the Marco Feature (on a cannon it should be one of the options if you set it to the M or Manual mode)
    -Use a tripod or stand
    -set it to delayed shot so you don't move the camera when you hit the button.

    ** if you want to take it a step further make a lightbox

  2. Thanks. I do use the macro setting but it doesn't seem to help much. I'm pretty sure its the crappy lighting in my house. Delayed with tripod sounds helpful as well.

    *off to search the interwebs on making lightboxes