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07 January 2011

Two days worth

Well sorry bout missing yesterday but it was Vets Night at my local club and I didn't get home till almost 2300.
And since I was at the club helping get all the terrain finished for Conflict I didn't do anything new for the army so I'll continue with posting up pics of stuff I've already completed.

First up is a Beastmaster I build from the Hellions box.

You can see here that they had a bad run in with a clawed fiend and lost a hand.

Next up is the figure I'll be using as Baron when I end up playing with him.

I still need to add some more bits and take a few more pics but you can get the idea.

Now onto a set of Reavers I built just in case.

In order to keep with the theme I had to use a Wych torso for this rider. I need to fill that gap a bit.

And if you haven't already opened a box there are 4 sets of bladevines and 4 carapaces in the box. I used the extra bits along with and old reaver to build this ship for BFG. It still need some work and gaps filled but here is the start of it.


  1. You are an excellent converter! These models are beautiful dude!

    I can't wait to see these across from me on the table.

  2. Thanks Ben, just wait till I get started on the Wracks.

    Unfortunately I probably wont be done by May.

  3. Well, if you keep updating the blog then I'll see it anyway ;)

    I hope all is well.

  4. Yeah, its been a long week, what with Conflict and all. And with blogger not uploaded properly for me. Expect some big posts with lots of picks later this week.