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18 January 2011

Conflict GT Coverage

Today I'm posting up some of the wonderfully done armies and models that attended this year's Conflict. I've listed the names and clubs for those I know. To those that I dont have your name and club I apologize, I did this a bit hastily. If you see this and want me to edit in anything please dont hesitate to ask.

First up is Battle for Salvation's Matt M. AKA Black Matt and his CSM counts as Space Wolves. As an avid Chaos fan this army really stands out to me. I really love the Eyes and detail work on his rhinos. Hopefully next time he comes to battle at Toy Wiz Vets night I'll be able to get some closer up stuff.

Switching systems for a second I found this really well done Lizardmen army over on the WHFB side of things. Its Brian M.'s Poison Dart Frogs

Back to 40k I've got a few pictures of another Battle for Salvation member Chris D AKA Jawaballs and his Blood Angels.

Lastly for today is George T. of the Warmongers of NY. I played him in round 4 and he had some of the coolest Daemon Princes I've seen.

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