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02 February 2011

Conflct GT Rounds 2+3

So with the snow days I've had the last couple days I decided to sit down and finish up a couple more Bat Reps. Sadly I cant get photos to upload properly so I wont be adding any to this report or the one on Round 1.

Round 2 vs James M - Battle for Salvation
Get more Scoring units in Enemy Deployment Zone
Pitched Battle

Prime w/ Lash and Sword, Glands

Hive Guard x 3

Venomthropes x 3

Doom of Malanti in a Spore

Warriors x 4 Claws and Deathspitters, Glands

Genestealers x 20

T-Gaunts x 14

Tervigon Glands, Catalyst

Trygon x 2 Glands

I start the game with a Pain Token on each of my Combat Drugged units

Turn 1
James gets first turn and moves his units fowards. The Tervigon hatchs 5 and thats it for the game. Using his Hive Guard, he takes down a Ravager. He also kills 3 hellions.

I move up killing a couple gaunts and wounding a Trygon.

Turn 2
James kills off another Ravager.

I attempt to Deep Strike my Wyches onto his side of the board. I end up off the table. I roll for mishap and he gets to place them. He places them on terrain on my side. I kill off the 5 gaunt unit with my hellions.

Turn 3
He takes down a wych raider.

I kill a few more gaunts

Turn 4
This is where it started to go badly for me. I ended up concentrating on the game so much I forgot to take notes. but working from memory things went down like this.

I had removed both of the scoring units I could and was working on getting mine to his side of the board. During this process I got mixed up with the Doom. And started to fail my LD tests by 5-6. This ended up wrecking my Wych units, who were my last scorers. I concede at this point as the next turn he has me tabled.

I am now 0-1-1 for the day. Not great but I still have 3 more rounds to go.

Round 3 vs The Ringer
The ringer for this weekend ended up being a buddy of mine from Ordo, Dakota.

Ravenwing - (note, the FAQ was not in effect for this weekened as it had come out too late)

Sammaul in speeder

1 Ravenwing squadron w/ Banner and Apothecary, PF, Melta, Multi Melta, Tornado
2 Ravenwing PF, Melta, Multi Melta, Tornado


I maybe missing some units.

I again get the extra Pain Token to start

Turn 1
This was not a favorable matchup for the Ravenwing. I took down 2-3 speeders in one round of firing this included Sammy.

He stuns a raider or two but that's it.

Turn 2
I kill of another speeder or two and knock off some of his bikes. I charge the hellions into a Bike unit.

He takes off a DL on a Rav, and stuns another Raider.
I hit and run on Bike i am in combat with.

Turn 3
I shoot down a few more bikes, charge wyches in to a bike unit, and recharge the Hellions in. Both Bike units are gone.

Turn 4 I remove his atacks bikes, the last of the speeders and get into combat with his "Command" Squad. After combats he concedes.

This match up was great for me. The lances took out the speeders and his high T did not matter vs my poisoned weapons.

I'm 1-1-1 going into day 2. I just need to not suck out and I will be feeling good with how I did at my first GT.

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