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05 February 2011

Pardon the Interruption

So I know I promised to put up the last two rounds of Conflict but this is much more important at this point.

Thursday at Ordo Malleus Vet's Night I finally got a chance to play a game vs Black Matt. I've been meaning to get this game since last Vet's Night. Stupid me forgot the camera though. :(

We played a D3+2(4) Objectives Pitched Battle

His list was Deathwing


3 Bikes
2 x Melta


4 x Termies x 5

2 x Termies x 5
Heavy Flamer
Lightning Claws

Termies x 5

We set up the obejectives in a diamond along the middle of the board long ways.

I used the list from Conflict as its the one I have most games with at 1750. I had changed the Razor Flails to Shardnets earlier in the day and stayed with that for this match.

He rolled better(even with my +1 from the Baron) and got first turn setting up his Bikes and Landspeeder behind a building in the middle of the board. He used his scout move to get his bikes up close to my lines. Unfortunately for him I seized.

I set up along the 12" line as with a unit of Warriors in a Raider along my left flank. About 6 inches over I had a Ravager for support. The idea was to have Warriors boost forward to grab the objective on that side of the board early.

In the middle of my lines was (from left to right)
Hellions Ravager WychRaider Venom WychRaider Ravager

The hellions were in a building very close to an objective, while the Venom and Wychs were hiding behind a building waiting to strike the incoming Terminators off the locater beacon on the those bikes.

My right flank was secured by a unit of warriors that had deployed outside their ride and just a couple inches from an objective and their ride on their left side.

Turn One
I boost the warriors on the left flank towards the objective on that side. The Hellions move up and the Baron's re-rolls keep the whole unit alive. They now have that objective. The warriors on the right walk up and grab that objective. All three Ravs move 12" forward. One wych unit boosts towards the 4th objective. The other wych unit and the empty raider move 12 just to say they did. The Venom moves 6 so that the Trueborn can still fire.

Rav on the left shoots at and wrecks the Landspeeder.

I shoot the Bikes with the Venom and kill off the Sgt. The Duke and his Trueborn shoot the Bikes and kill off another. (damn, wanted them to get a Pain Token). The warriors on foot are in range and shoot at the remaining bike. The mass of fire is just too much and he goes down earning the Warriors a Pain Token.

With all his Termies in Reserve Matt elects to bring in Belial's squad (the one with the Standard) and the 2 Heavy Flamer/Lightning Claw units for his Deathwing assault.

Belial and one squad land in the center of my lines while the last squad drops in on the left side.

Belial's squad shoots at something but doesnt do anything. The Heavy Flamer unit on the left flank also shoots and does nothing. (gotta love those Flicker Fields.

I am not so fortunate on the right flank where his Heavy Flamer kills off half the squad of Warriors that was baby sitting the objective. They pass their leadership and stick around to fight the good fight some more.

Turn Two

My warriors on the left flank get out and grab the objective fully. Their raider moves to shoot the Termies that came down on their side. The unit of Wychs in the middle move over to the left to set up for next turn's assault. Ravs dance around 12". Venom moves 6 towards Belial's unit. Empty Raider moves to support the Wychs on the right who are still in their raider hovering over the objective.

I mass fire on Belial's unit taking it down to just the Standard and the Heavy Flamer(mass of fire from the Hellions and Matt rolling 3 Ones takes down Belial.) Otherwise he rolls save for every other shot I take.

He rolls for reserve and gets 2 of his 3 remaining units. One lands near the objective held by my Wychs and scatters into a building. (no one dies) The other lands close to where the Speeder was originally.

This round of shooting was a god send for Matt. He took down 2 Ravs (left and center) and Immobilizes 2 Raiders(empty warrior's and Wychs on left flank). He shoots his Termies on my right flank at the Warriors killing two. The pass thier leadership so he charges them. I dont even bother having him roll. He consolidates over the objective.

Turn Three

To be continued tomorrow as I had a bit too much wine with dinner and can no longer think straight to type. :)

Dont worry it will be up long before the Steelers win their 7th Super Bowl title.

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