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06 February 2011

Pardon the Interruption ......Part Duex

As promised last night, here is the conclusion of my Vet's Night battle with Black Matt.

Turn Three

Duke leaves the Trueborn and joins the Wychs on my right side.
Everything that can move does so. (here is where I made a mistake, I failed to remove the Trueborn from the Venom as well)

My Venom takes down the Standard Bearer(which means that my Trueborn have nothing to shoot at). While the Duke and Wychs shoot at the unit of termies on their side. Taking down 1.

On the other side of the board, my other unit of Wychs shoot at that unit of termies killing one. They charge in. Shardnets negate 3 attacks. The kill 2 before the Termies get to swing. Termies kill 2 and its a draw. We dance around.

He gets his last unit in. They land near where Belial's squad was.

Matt then uses this turn to solidify his hold on the objective on my right flank nearest my deployment zone. Then moves his HF termie to attempt to take down some of the remaining Hellions.

The Termies on the right near his edge shoot and kill a couple Wychs before charging in.

They kill 1 while I kill 2 of his. He makes his save and we dance some more.

Turn Four

At this point my units are in combat or out of LOS to shoot.

I kill off a few more termies in both comabats while not losing any of my own.

His turn see him first shoot then charge my remaining unit of Warriors.

During his turns combats I finish off both units of Termies I am in combat with. Both units consolidate 5". The one on the left moves to intercept the Termies in the center of my lines. The wychs on the right move back to the objective.

He kills off a the warriors to where only one remains. I run away but he cannot pursue.

Turn Five

I cannot rally my lone Warrior but he only runs 2 inches keeping him in range to fire on the termies on that side. I move my Hellions toward the unit of Termies on the left flank. The Wychs on the left flank move an Run towards the unit of Termies in the center of the board.

I charge in and kill 1 Terminator. He kills 1 Wych and so we dance.

Combat on his turn end with no loses for anyone.

The games ends. 2-1 in Matt's favor.

I feel that with one more turn I could have made this a draw. But a couple mistakes and the dice turning on me late in the game swung this to Matt. Over all it was a great experience.

Thanks for the game Matt. I look forward to playing you again sometime.

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