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14 February 2011

Whats to do?

So I realized today that I haven't posted in over a week. I haven't been doing anything at home either. Just not motivated to get work done this past week. Its killing me, I'm stuck between working on the DE or building up the crap load of Skaven I have sitting around. I want to work on the DE more but I can't figure out how to convert he Daemonettes into Wracks. Grrr, arg. What to do?


  1. Skip wracks til GW releases them! I am not a converter, lol. Build up those DE and get them ready for March 5th!

  2. Nah, dont want the stock GW ones as they are more than likely gunna be male and if they look anything like the book description they wont fit with the feel of the army.

    I'll see if I can make Vets night this month but I dont have a dog sitter any more. So I dont know if its possible yet.