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08 March 2011

ToyWiz Battles Round 2

Round 2 of this past weekends tournament I was paired against a buddy of mine from the Ordo Malleus (and yet another BA player) Sgt Brisbane. You may know him from his blog Sons of Thunder.

The mission was Kill Point with Spearhead deployment and this is how we started it off.
He got first turn but his shooting did little to stop my advance. On my turn I took both Demolisher cannons off his battle tanks and immobilized one of his Razorbacks.
On his turn 2 he got his unit of Vangaurd vets in but they scattered away from my units and were out of range to assault. He also got in a unit of assault troops with libby attached but they ended up in no-mans land out side of range to due much this turn. He outflanked a Baal and it came in in my deployment zone.
On my turn I got in everything. So my Bloodbrides headed for terrain to wait for his assault troops to get in range, while my Reavers and Talos went tank hunting. On this turn I took out both Vindicators and immobilized his other Razorback
My warriors and Wychs unloaded on the Vanguard vets before the Wychs charged in and killed them.
My Incubi and Truborn (with Duke) held up the Assault squad for a couple turns while my raiders took the assault cannon off the Baal.
His other Baal can unit of Assault troops came in on the other side. My Talos charged into one of his tactical squads that had lost their transport to my reavers. The Talos suffered a couple woulds but killed off the entire unit.
The Talos decided to head for the Baal. And between the Haywire blaster and close combat yet another tank was gone. Warriors held up the unit of assault marines on that side until my Bloodbrides could come mop up.
My last raider with warriors inside killed off the last of the assault troops on this side, with only the libby surviving.
Unfortunately the game ended on turn 5. And while I had done a number on his army, he had taken down most of my paper airplanes and my Bloodbrides had yet to finish of the assault squad they were locked in combat with. I ended up losing 10-8 in a match that if it had lasted just one turn more would have been 11-10 in my favor. But we had fun in what can only be described as a total bloodbath of a game.

Rematch next Vets Night.


  1. What's with the almost complete absence of terrain?

  2. That's what we have to work with. There are a bunch of other tables set up and just not enough terrain for everyone sometimes.

    We have a bunch of grey buildings though. They must have been used on other tables. If you ever come to TW we have quite a nice selection for typical gaming. This was a 'tournament' though.

    By tournament, I mean more of an organized day for gaming than any sort of 'qualifier.'

    Great game! It's good to see Dave's army all painted up!

  3. We had 11 tables being gamed on. All of the city terrain was used up on tables 1-9 and I never got off tables 10 and 11.

    Also we use forests are area, thereby granting a cover save to anything in or behind even though there is only 1 tree on the template, this is dont to allow easier movement of models through the template and ease of building the templates.

    This was not a GT but 1st walked away with $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $100

  4. Who won? Someone from OM or a visiter?

  5. Jawaballs took first. I dont know who 2nd and 3rd were. We had 4 or 5 of the Battle for Salvation guys there. Including BlackMatt and Fritz