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26 March 2011

Some Thoughts

So I was thinking the other day as I assembled a Apocalypse Battleship for a club mate. There has to be tons of people out there that don't have the time, patience, skill, etc to build and convert their armies. I on the other hand generally have nothing but time and building/conversion is my favorite part of the hobby.

Now I know there are plenty of commission builders/painters out there, (including a few in the local area) and I can't paint for shit. But I figure that I could probably get a little business going just to supplement my income a little. A person could either send me the stuff they've already built, give it to me in person (if they're local) or have me buy it from my LGS and ship it out to them when done. I could even try and team up with a painter so whole armies could get done.

What do you all think? Would there be an interest in this?

If I get enough positive responses I'll post up a price guide and get the show on the road.

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