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24 March 2011

Other goings on

You may noticed the big banner at the top of my page for the Pay It Forward Giveaway. My new buddy over at Minature Wargame Conversions has been running this a few months now and I think its a great idea. All you have to do to enter is become a follower of his blog. Each month the contest has gotten bigger and better. The next drawing  is April 7th and the prize pool is something amazing, with just about 15 items to win. All the prizes have been donated by our fellow wargamers and some webstores. I know I will be donating to the May drawing and I hope some of you out there do the same. Its a great way to plug your site, club, or just feel good about giving back to the gaming community. Just click the banner to check it out.

And while your there check out some of his wonderful conversion work. Nurgle lovers will be in a pusfilled heaven checking out some of his GS blightworks.


  1. :) Very cool mate!

    And on the same note, just got wordnot even an hour ago that your prize is on its way. Hope you enjoy it :)