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21 October 2011

GW 8th Street NYC

Last Saturday my wife and I took our daughter down to get here first Games Workshop experience. I figured that it was long past time to get her immersed in the scene.

Ok well it was really so that I could get my Eisenhorn Omnibus signed by Dan Abnett. My wife was just kind enough to accompany me down and get a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy hardcover trade 1 signed for a buddy. A thank you gift for presiding at our wedding. Sure it was 2.5 years late but its the thought that counts right lol.

Dan was really down to Earth and willing to answer all our questions. From those Ive garnered a couple of small possible spoilers for your enjoyment. Both concern future works of his.

First up we should expect to see an Imperial Fists stand alone title very shortly. From what I get from this I would say end of the year 1st quarter of 2012 at the latest.

The next order of business concerns our more human interests in the Grim-dark Future. No not the Ghosts, think a bit my secretive. Yeah that's right. The Inquisition. Dan is planing a new trilogy with the first book to be out by this time next year. The setting for this is after the events of Eisenhorn and Ravenor. Making them a trilogy of trilogies.

Spoiler Alert-------------------Spoiler Alert-----------------Spoiler Alert

The twist comes from who the main character will be. The one and only Ms Alizebeth Bequin. Yep that's right, she comes out of her coma, and seems to make her self to be quite the important person to the Ordos.

Yeah ok I know not that big a spoiler but it was good news to me. I am looking forward to this release. I may even break down and buy these ones individually instead of waiting for the Omnibus as I usually do.


  1. Imperial Fist title you say?
    Thank the Emperor! haha.

  2. As spoilers go this one is most welcome. She's a great character and I enjoyed the angst between her and Eisenhorn. Thanks for sharing!